Writing to Write: Finding meaning in a redundant phrase


“Don’t for heaven’s sake, be afraid of talking nonsense! But you must pay attention to your nonsense.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

  The idea that every  writing has a purpose might make you consider the title or the very possible content of this essay to be a discourse in equivocation or something nonsensical. But that you have not been wrong will soon become clear, as you keep on reading and realize that this piece of writing has no value in itself and that it is only an invitation, a beginning, and a process.

It is an invitation to reading, a beginning to my blogging, and a process of my writing. The title thus serves a dual purpose: to invite you to reading and to invite myself to writing. Additionally, it is to invite you into contributing to this blog with your writings.

But why, you might ask, should someone be writing to write or, in other words, be writing for the sake of writing. To clarify this, I cannot venture you into the history of writing, into the fantasies of being a writer, or into seeming intellectual sophistication of claiming the death of the author. I cannot even venture you into the domain of the philosophers and present to you arguments of what it means to be redundant. I cannot also present here what eastern and western cultural differences might be in terms of writing or anything within its parameter. I can, for the time being, only give a straightforward: if you want to write and if you do not know what to write, write about the fact that you want to write and the fact that you do not know what to write. As to how it works, I invite you to reflect on this very essay.

As I told earlier, this essay has its value only in being an invitation, a beginning, and a process.  It has definitely been so. But you might have noticed that with it’s entire content, the essay has come to be an essay, the reason for which is that something has been written.  This something turns out to be really something, only if you think that something is worth writing about and that you should write about it. It is with this notion that I wrote this essay and I felt worth writing it, even though it might not go on to convey any sense.

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